Benefits of Agroforestry

Benefits of Agroforestry

• Three benifits of Agroforestry.

(1) Environmental benefits.
(2) Economic benefits.
(3) Social benefits.

• Agroforestry system have been adopted in many parts of the world.

(1) Environmental Benefits:- Agroforestry miltigating climate change affects through natural resources conservation in the short andCand sequestration in the long run.

• They can control runoff and soil erosion, there by reducing losses of water, soil material, organic matter and nutrients.

               1.0 Environmental Benefits

(2) Economic Benefits:- Greater output of food, fuel wood, fooder and timber.

• Significant potential to provide employment to rural and urban population.

                       2.0 Economic Benefits

(3) Social Benefits:- Improvement in rural living standards.

• Making villagers self-dependent.

• Rural people are easily produces the high production of Agricultural crops and forest products.

3.0 Social Benefits

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