Father of Indian forestry

Father of Indian forestry

Sir Dietrich Brandis (1824 - 1907), father of Indian forestry.
• Birth:- 31-March-1824 in Bonn, Germany
• Death:- 29-may-1907 in Bonn, Germany

• Sir Dietrich Brandis was a German-born son of a university professor. He was a German-British botanist and forestry academic or administrator.

• Sir Dietrich Brandis studied botany at a number of universities and soon became involved in forest management, relocating to Burma and later India. He joined the British civil service in Burma in 1856, afterwards became head of the British forestry administration in all of Burma.

• He is described as the father of scientific forestry and he is considered the father of tropical forestry.

• He served for 20 years as inspector general of forests in india from 1864-1883. And he founded the india forest college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

• He returned to Europe in 1883, dividing his time between Bonn and Greater London.

• In retirement he dedicated himself to scholarly work, resulting in his monumental book “Indian Trees” (1906).

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