Introduction Of Horticulture

The word horticulture is derived from the Latin words; hortus and colere   meaning garden and to cultivate respectively. Thus, Horticulture is the branch of Agriculture science in which study about the cultivation of olericulture (study of vegetables) floriculture (study of flowers) and pomology (study of fruits) etc.
Father of Horticulture: - Thomas Andrew Knight, John Lindley, Liberty Hyde Bailey
Father of vegetables: - Liberty Hyde Bailey USA
Father of modern Orchidlogy: - John Lindley
1st book in horticulture: Fruit growing in India- W.B. Hayes
Branches of Horticulture
There are three branches in Horticulture which are given below-
1.       Olericulture: - Olericulture is the branch of Horticulture in which deals with cultivation of vegetables and their transportation and infrastructure. etc.
2.       Floriculture: - Floriculture is the branch of Horticulture in which deals with the cultivation of flowers and their transportation and infrastructure. Etc.
3.       Pomology: - Pomology is the branch of Horticulture in which deals with cultivation of fruits and their transportation and infrastructure. Etc.
. Golden revolution is related to Fruit production

 Importance of Horticulture
1.       Income generation.
2.       Employment generation.
3.       Industrial development.
4.       Religious and sacred value.
5.       Food value.
6.       Nutritional value.

  Classification of Fruits

fig.1 Fruits
     1 . Based on nature of growth
     2.   Based on climatic requirement
     3.    Based on continuation of growth
     4.       Based on edible part used
     5.   Based on type of fruit
     6.       Based on botanical relationship
     7.       Based on salinity tolerance
     8.       Based on ripening behavior
     9.       Based on bearing behavior
    10.   Based on growing behavior
     11.   Based on growing environment
    12.   Based on water requirement
    13.   Based on light requirement
    14.   Based on photoperiodic requirement
     15.   Based on branching habit

  Classification OF Vegetables 

fig.2 vegetables
1.       Based on botanical relationship
2.       Based on hardiness or temperature tolerance
3.       Based on tolerance to soil acidity
4.       Based on tolerance to salt
5.       Based on parts used as food
6.       Based on methods of raising
7.       Based on forcing
8.       Based on rate of respiration
9.       Based on pigmentation
10.   Based on soil factor

   Classification of Flowers

fig.3. flower
1.       Based on season of growing
2.       Based on colour of flower
3.       Based on purpose of growing
4.       Based on nature of growth
5.       Based on growth behavior  
6.       Based on mode of respiration
7.       Based on photoperiodic requirement
8.       Based on ability to grow

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