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Agar aap pe Blog post ya Guest Post karke backlink lena chahte hai to eske liye apko hamari kuch terms & condition ko dhayan me rakhna hoga.
Agar aap en terms & condition ko follow karenge tabhi apki post ko apporval diya jayega or apko backlink di jayegi.
1 – Aapki post हिंदी, English ya hinglish me he ho eske alawa kisi or language ki post ko apporval nahi diya jayega.
2 – Post kam se kam 100 word ki honi chahiye, esse jada aap likh sakte hai jitni badi post apko likhna ho, lekin 100 word se neeche ki post ko apporval nahi diya jayega.
3 – Aap post Forestry,Horticulture, Agriculture,Environment & Climate ke uper  ke kisi bhi topic pe aap post ko likh sakte hai.
4 – pe ki gayi koi bhi post copy ki gayi ya kisi dusri website ki na daale.
Kisi bhi taraha 18+ ya logo ko bewakuf banane ya farji ya fake post na kare warna apko backlink nahi di jayegi.
6 – Post ke sath aap kam se kam 2 image submite kare or agar aap 2 se jada image share karna chahte hai to aap kar sakte hai lekin 2 se kam image allowed nahi hogi.
7 – Image aap non copyrited use kare jaise pixabay ya pixel jaisi sites ki ya aap screen shot use kar sakte hai or khud ki banaye picture, image, photo, thumbnail sabhi allow hai.
8 – Post acche se likhe jo sabhi ko samjh aaye.

Neeche yahan pe form bhare or apne Blog post ko submite kare.

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What is Agroforestry

Agroforestry • Definition:-Agroforestry is the branch of forestry, in which Agriculture crops are grow with the forest trees and shrubs. Or • Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees and shrubs are grow around and among Agricultural crops. It's called Agroforestry.
• Agroforestry could play an important role in miltigating climate change, because it sequesters more atmospheric carbon in plant parts and soil.
• Agroforestry was formally outlined in the early 20th century by American economic geographer J. Russell Smith in his book Tree crops: A permanent Agriculture (1929).


IUCN ( International Union for Conservation of Nature) • IUCN was established on 5 October 1948 in the French town of Fontainebleau. • Headquarter:- Gland, Switzerland • CEO:- Grethel Aguilar (Jun 2019) • Founder:- Julian Huxley • Founded:- 5 October 1948, Fontainebleau, France. • Members:- 1400

* The International Union for Conservation of Nature is an international organisation working in the field of Nature conservation and sustainable use of Natural resources. It is involved in data gathering and analysis, research, field projects, advocacy and education. Or * International Union for Conservation of Nature is a democratic Union that brings together the world's most influential organization and top expert's in a combined effort to conserve nature and accelerate the transition to sustainable development.

• IUCN is a membership union composed of both government and civil society organisations. It harnesses the experience, resources and reach of its more than 1400 member organizati…

Benefits of Agroforestry

Benefits of Agroforestry • Three benifits of Agroforestry.
(1) Environmental benefits. (2) Economic benefits. (3) Social benefits.
• Agroforestry system have been adopted in many parts of the world.
(1) Environmental Benefits:- Agroforestry miltigating climate change affects through natural resources conservation in the short andCand sequestration in the long run.
• They can control runoff and soil erosion, there by reducing losses of water, soil material, organic matter and nutrients.

               1.0 Environmental Benefits

(2) Economic Benefits:- Greater output of food, fuel wood, fooder and timber.
• Significant potential to provide employment to rural and urban population.

                       2.0 Economic Benefits

(3) Social Benefits:- Improvement in rural living standards.
• Making villagers self-dependent.
• Rural people are easily produces the high production of Agricultural crops and forest products.

3.0 Social Benefits